Trump’s Breakup With FOX News Is Dangerous

In a country loaded with corporate media, 24-hour news cycles, and a disdain for public news, it’s no surprise that we’re seeing a shift in the media that people of different demographics are consuming. A lot of us get our news from Twitter. Some of us might listen to NPR on the way to work. Others watch cable news.

While we’re fortunate to have access to a plethora of news outlets to choose from (mostly thanks to the internet) there’s still a wide demographic that relies on cable news. Trump loves to target this demographic, and is currently moving the mainstream even further right than FOX.

After a bit of a squabble about FOX calling Arizona for Biden before any news network, Trump has publicly stated that he prefers alt-right networks such as OAN and Newsmax. I implore you to do some research yourself on this, but those networks are dangerously unreliable.


They make FOX look like Occupy Democrats.

What’s so dangerous about this is that lots of folks feed off of media  – and I’m looking at the full spectrum from VICE to Newsmax – that justify and echo their beliefs. Trump’s disdain for centrist (or even center-right, at this point) outlets is dangerous and a recipe for radicalizing Americans. His ego is obviously feeding this situation.

I’m almost certain that Donald Trump will continue to capitalize on his media influence to continue pushing his agenda long after he’s out of the White House. This is something that we should pay attention to if we want to maintain a free and balanced press.

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Written by Marina Martinez

Arizonan student at the University of Edinburgh, dog lover, desert rat, meme aficionado and coffee enthusiast.

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