What is The Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone?

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One of the more interesting developments of the 2020 Protests this week comes from Seattle, where Mayor Jenny Durkan ordered police in the Capitol Hill neighborhood’s 3rd Precinct to abandon the station. It took only a few hours for a few like-minded citizens to move into the area and establish what is now known as the “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone”.

Covering roughly 6 city blocks, the CHAZ, as it’s colloquially known, is a prospective haven for anarchists and the “honor system” faithful. Activists were seen handing out free bottled waters and snacks to newcomers, and even a library was established.

To many, this “No Cop Co-Op” sounds like an anarchist pipe dream, or even a reincarnation of the Occupy protests. With no organized leadership, small groups are already vying to establish dominance. One group, led by Seattle-area rapper Raz Simone, reportedly entered the CHAZ heavily armed, declaring themselves as the new police. The group was soon caught on camera harassing local protesters and allegedly assaulting one man for tagging over someone else’s graffiti.

It has also been reported that their food stockpiles were stolen by local homeless that were invited into the commune. An organizer in the CHAZ asked supporters on Twitter to donate everything from vegan food substitutes to soy products and oats.

The CHAZ has now gotten the attention of President Donald Trump, who rushed to Twitter to demand that Governor Jay Inslee and Mayor Jenny Durkan regain control of the area, and referring to those inside the CHAZ as terrorists.

While it is clear that the police would most likely retake control of the area at any time, the CHAZ appears to have the support of the mayor at this present moment. During a news conference on Friday, Durkan alluded that she may not intervene for the remainder of the summer, stating that “we could have a summer of love.”

Do you think the CHAZ is a fruitless endeavor or a worthwhile cause? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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