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Where Is The State Board Of Education?

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Back to school season this year hit like never before. Probably because last year  ended so abruptly. With fall just around the corner, the spring break that never ended is finally coming to its imminent end. No longer able to hold off the decision making process, colleges finally had to announce their revised academic calendars based on an uncertain future. Some schools have reopened. Some schools have chosen to go fully remote — at least until the end of 2020.  And some schools have adapted hybrid strategies. 

While there isn’t really any threat for schools that have gone fully remote, college towns where schools have reopened or adapted hybrid plans (online learning and in-person learning) have been seeing spikes of COVID-19. 

That is to say that pretty much the entire country has been seeing spikes of COVID-19 since school resumed. 

Only three states in the country  — Delaware, North Carolina, Virginia and The District of Columbia —  have reached a consensus that prioritizes the importance of distanced/hybrid learning. Four states —  Florida, Texas, Arkansas, and Iowa — did the exact opposite, ordering the necessity of in-person instruction. Most states though, well, they just left it up to individual school districts and institutions.     

While there has been a ton of self-government going on since COVID-19 broke out, i.e. Cuomo, where’s the State Board of Education when we need them?

While we’ve learned that COVID-19 does target older Americans, we’ve also learned that no individuals  — including children — are immune. At least until/if we get a vaccine. Keep your fingers crossed. 

This is an extremely turbulent and unsettling time, and the way the U.S. has handled it is a crystal clear reflection of the condition of our government. We talk about education as a foundation for the future of our country’s leaders and yet . . .  

Saying “fend for yourself” during a global pandemic feels a lot like throwing all these schools into a distanced version of the Hunger Games. While some students party, other students will not hesitate to call campus security  —  you’ve seen the TikToks. Either way, nobody is winning. 

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Written by Nina Slowinski

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