Which Quarantine Starter Pack Are You?

Staying home for long periods of time can definitely be a lot, especially given a murky timeline. We’ve all manifested our stir crazy tendencies in different ways, and some have definitely used their time to reinvent themselves. Which persona have you adopted for the quarantine period?


You were ready for anything, and quarantine marked your time to shine. Store shelves are running dry, but you’re not phased. You’ve stocked up for an eternity and have been ready for this moment for ages. Your friends are in awe that you still have disinfectant wipes at your disposal.


Just to conjure up any semblance of socialization you remember, you’ve downloaded The Sims. You’re forcing your entire simulated household chat for hours just to feel something. You are first to host a Zoom call with any chance you get with your real-life friends. You might miss that good face-to-face interaction, but it’s a good thing we have advanced to use video chat as a modern means of communication, right?


Finally, you’re getting a much-deserved break. You might even be getting used to this whole stay at home situation. You’ve tried becoming TikTok famous but have probably given up because just chilling and snacking is undoubtedly the move.



There is so much banana bread in your house and you legitimately don’t know what else to do with yourself. After recreating every cooking show recipe you’ve seen, you’re convinced about your calling after quarantine: move to Paris, become a pastry chef and embroidery connoisseur, never be seen again.


THIS is your time to shine. Quarantine cannot phase you. You’re shooting out emails left and right, developing a new interest in pilates, and truly securing the bag while you have the time. But, like, are you doing okay?



Applebee’s sure is tempting, but we’re still fighting a massive pandemic. If you’re able to, you know you should still probably stay home, but something about the sweet ambience of your local shopping mall’s food court is just too tempting. You might want to reevaluate for a bit.


  • Which starter pack embodies your true COVID vibes?

    • The Doomsday Prepper
    • The Extrovert
    • The Sleepy Boi
    • The Domestic God
    • The Productivity Fiend
    • The One at Applebee’s


Written by Marina Martinez

Arizonan student at the University of Edinburgh, dog lover, desert rat, meme aficionado and coffee enthusiast.

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