Who Said Pajamas Can’t Be High Fashion?

Cover Photo by Adam Winger via Unsplash

After a day chock full of productivity (or procrastination), swapping out those jeans or that blazer for something a bit more comfortable truly does fuel the soul. While many of us might opt for a faded tee and a pair of sweatpants so old we can’t even recall their origin story, let’s not entirely write off the alternate possibilities. 

In doing some light online shopping earlier today, I was shocked to see that one of the shirts I was considering adding to my cart was actually classified under the pajama umbrella. (I was not shopping for sleepwear.) It looked easily like something one could sport on an afternoon frolic in the summer, all silky and adorned with a classy floral pattern. 

Although I was initially a bit perplexed as to why one would go to such lengths with their sleepwear, it didn’t take long for me to hop on the pajama bandwagon. Isn’t there something sweet about making sleep a bit more ceremonious? About generating excitement around something we might otherwise be inclined to dismiss? Sleep is often the first thing to go when we hit patches of chaos in work, school, or life, and so I see no harm in creating a little incentive to make sure we actually get the rest we need. 

To our benefit, several designers have reached this same conclusion. From cute shorts to full-length matching sets, there are no bounds for this pajama proliferation. When I say that these sets are gorgeous, I’m talking jaw-dropping, runway-worthy, makes-you-want-to-start-a-fashion-blog level of utter awe. Check out this vivacious satin set from Neiman Marcus or this stunning silk ensemble from Lunya. Aren’t they just breathtaking? 



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Celebrities have also caught the wave. Remember when Rita Ora served us this pajama-inspired look at the 2018 Fashion Awards in London?


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Pajamas really do have it all. The fabrics are exquisite. You can go as clean-cut or as sensory-overload as you want, and (of course) they practically ooze cozy and content vibes. What’s more, you’ll wake up the next morning already looking like you’ve conquered the day. 

What’s your take on high fashion pajamas? Let us know in the poll below. 

Cover Photo by Adam Winger via Unsplash

  • Are snazzy pajamas the height of fashion or grossly unnecessary?

    • peak fashion for sure
    • definitely a waste


Written by Megan Pontin

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