Which Member of the Fab 5 Are You?

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Queer Eye  Season 5 is out on Netflix and our hearts can’t take it. Tan, Bobby, Karamo, Antoni, and Jonathan are back making people’s lives brighter, and right on time for Pride Month! After five seasons, the Fab 5 have brought joy and fabulousness to viewers around the world. Now they’re back with 10 new heroes in need of the fab touch. If you can’t get enough of the Queer Eye content, here’s some more: find out which member of the Fab 5 you’re most like with this quiz!

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    Your friends invite you to a party they’re at, how do you respond?

    • LET’S PARTAYYY! Your time to shine!
    • You were already dolled up, so they can bet you’ll be there.
    • Immediately you blast music and dance around your room in preparation.
    • It takes some convincing, but you pump yourself up to it. You get to see your friends!
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    You arrive at the party, buuuut it’s kind of lame. What do you do?

    • You start dancing! People will join in when they see someone having fun.
    • You beeline for the snacks. That’s the most important part of any party after all.
    • You strike up a conversation with someone new. The party may be lame, but you sure as hell are not!
    • You join your friends! At least you can have fun together.
    • You look around and explore. The hottest tea comes from observation.
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    More people start arriving, and you spot a cutie that’s totally your type. What do you do?

    • Go up to them and chat! Life’s too short for missed opportunities.
    • Ask them to dance. Your sweet moves say it all.
    • Give them flirty eyes. You play it cool, let them come to you.
    • Stare at them all night until they talk to you. Has to work sometime, right?
    • Get a friend to introduce you! Way less scary if someone’s there with you.
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    Now the party’s booming! Where can we find you?

    • In the middle of the dance floor being fabulous!
    • Dancing with that cutie from earlier. Your charm worked!
    • Talking up that cutie from earlier. You gotta talk before you can dance!
    • Chatting with some friends! You’d never leave them for a stranger!
    • Drinking it up! Can’t party without slightly lower inhibitions, am I right?
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    Oh no, your friend just puked on their crush! What do you do?

    • Help your friend to the bathroom! Chances are there’s more where that came from.
    • Help their crush clean up and put in a good word. They shouldn’t be judged too harshly!
    • Clean up the floor. Someone’s gotta do it, and you’re not afraid to do the right thing.
    • Comfort your friend! Chances are they’re pretty embarrassed, but you’ll help them keep their chin up!
    • Create a distraction! That way no one will be looking at your friend anymore.
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    Your friend is pretty upset. How do you cheer them up?

    • Kind words! You always know what to say to make your friends feel better.
    • Put on a show for them! That’ll make them laugh.
    • Tell them a story! Everyone has embarrassing moments, but if you survived, so will they.
    • Take them back to the dance floor! There’s nothing some fun with friends can’t help.
    • Offer them a shoulder to cry on! Sometimes the best strategy is to let it all out.
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    Your friend’s crush is being passive-aggressive, and it’s bringing the mood down. What do you do?

    • Confront them! No one treats your friend like that.
    • “Accidentally” spill a drink on them, then they’ll be mad at both of you, not just your friend.
    • Peacefully mediate a conversation. Talk it out, guys.
    • Retaliate with more passive-aggression. An eye for an eye.
    • Keep your friend as far away from them as you can. What they can’t see won’t hurt them.
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    It’s time to leave, where do you and your friends go?

    • We want to keep partying, so I throw an after-party!
    • We’re pretty hungry so we stop for some pizza.
    • We want to keep hanging out, so we go to my house for wine and movies!
    • They’re pretty tired, but I could go on all night! I’m going to the club!
    • We’re pretty tired, so we go home but make plans for brunch tomorrow!
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    Let’s look back: Did you get anyone’s number?

    • Yes! I hit it off with that cutie from earlier!
    • My standards are too high, so no.
    • No 🙁 I guess this wasn’t my time.
    • I got multiple numbers! What can I say, I’m somewhat of a charmer.
    • I wrote a number on my hand but it’s smudged now. Oh well!
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    Lastly, did you take any photos?

    • Duh! Like 100!
    • Of course! They’re on my Instagram already!
    • A couple here and there, for the memories.
    • Nah, I live in the moment!
    • Yes, but they’re all blurry. Oopsie!


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