You Won’t Be Able to Tell If These Images are Real or Cake

2020 has offered us a lot of disillusion, to make an understatement. But at this point we aren’t even sure if the world is real, simulated, or just made entirely of cake. It’s been a time. We don’t know if common objects are even real. It’s even distressing to some of us.


Flat earthers are even getting a run for their money.

But does everything have to be made of cake? Are we cake? Is the moon? What about our loved ones? The billionaires? Crocs?

This is an existential crisis that frankly has no end. The only solution to our generation’s problem is learning to spot cake with an acute eye. Take this official test to find out if you’re already an expert at it.

Thumbnail by David Holifield via Unsplash.
Original quiz images by Debbie Does Cakes, Luke Vincentini, and Dakota Kelly.

  • Question of

    Cake or Wood?

    • Cake
    • Wood
  • Question of

    Cake or Duck?

    • Cake
    • Duck
  • Question of

    Cake or Croc?

    • Cake
    • Croc
  • Question of

    Cake or Wings?

    • Cake
    • Wings
  • Question of

    Cake or Pancakes?

    • Cake
    • Pancakes


Written by Marina Martinez

Arizonan student at the University of Edinburgh, dog lover, desert rat, meme aficionado and coffee enthusiast.

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