Worst & Best Pickup Lines

Cause dating apps really do be like that sometimes

We’ve all been here, right? At this point the dating app life is as universal as drinking water. And often, our water is polluted. Humans are like, ~90% water or something? Whatever, that’s not really important to this.

Check out these pickup lines and vote on what you’re feeling. Which of these lines would you use to greet a friend, and which would send you running?

And for anything classically cringeworthy or basic I might have missed, this guy, Jon Foor, has got us covered.

#11 You’re gonna be my wife

Is this supposed to be a proposal? I don’t like being told what to do. Also it says you're looking for your first ex-wife? While I support divorce, that's not really my goal.

#17 SOMF (read below)

This may sound like I’m fuckin with you but I’m not. I was recently diagnosed with a terminal disease called cyroaudiovascularmexia. Google it if you want. Essentially, I don’t get enough blood to my ears so they are slowly freezing, and they will soon fall off and it will spread to my inner ear and brain. There is no cure, but there is one treatment. I need to warm my ears constantly to save my life and the only material soft enough is the inner thigh of a pretty girl. So I need you to sit on my face. For medical reasons. 

This is a CLASSIC copy and paste but WHO wrote this first?? I don’t know if you’re gross or a meme lord. Probably both.


Written by Nina Slowinski

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Kate Kalvach via Unsplash

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